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Giveaway Winners!
We are happy to announce that our giveaway is over! 4 people have completely met the requirement and have shared the post, therefore they will be getting promocodes with full access to both Joyful Animals and Joyful Colorbook!
These are:
Таня Урека
Yulia Sedletska
Diana Dan
Оксана Товстолужская!
But the fun isn’t over yet! 25 Happy Eyes has decided to choose 20 winners out of the people, who liked this post and to give them a chance to get a free promocode for one of our apps.
And the winners are:
Tatiana Asimova
Renáta Drahun
Tatyana Sanko
Zsuzsa Lelkes
Kate Kvara
Yaroslava Gaklyuk
Monika Monia
Таня Караваева
Оксана Лемещук
Любовь Олексюк
Ольга Бойко
Ve Ra
Танюша Дикусар
Татьяна Тычинская
Điêu Luyện
Julia Logvinova
Valentyna Zadorozhna
Renata Vargova
Iana Sel
Надюша Бєрьозкіна!
Please contact us before the 1st of February to claim your prize!balloons-154949_1280