Joyful Animals

Joyful Animals Screenshot Farm

What’s more fun than to learn about animals while playing a game?

Jungle animals, farm animals, you name it! The most exciting thing is that you get to know a lot about the animals’ habitats, food and other cool facts!

This game is oriented at children 3-6 years old. It consists of various tasks, including

  • matching the correct body part to the animal
  •  naming the animal
  •  matching the animal to its home
  •  matching the animal to the food.



Joyful Animals Screenshot Lawn

The animals are split into 4 categories:

  •  on the lawn
  •  in Africa
  •  on a farm.
  •  on the North and South Pole

You are able to switch to many languages. At the moment we support more than 20 different languages.

Joyful Animals is very colorful and would be interesting for any child.