Is it worth getting the full version of Joyful Animals?

As you might have already read, Joyful Animals includes both free and paid levels, that are available, of course, only after purchasing the full  version.

The free version includes the “On the lawn” level, where you need to put all of the body parts in the correct positions, identifying the animal and determining its home. Also you can access the special holiday level in the free version.screen520x924 (1)

However the paid version includes so much more interesting tasks! For example, the “On the Poles” level helps your child to learn what each animal eats and on which pole it lives. The “Africa” level allows your child to find out what noises each animal makes.screen520x924

Moreover, the paid version is completely  ad-free.

So is it worth it to pay a few dollars for the full version? It is only up to you to decide!

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