Children must be taught how to think, not what to think

We want to quote Margaret Mead: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. In a way this is a motto of our company, but it’s so much more. It’s how we’d raise our children too.

Imagine this: you show your child a video about zebras and though children are very quick to grasp and memorize vast amounts of information, it still would take a couple of re-watches to memorize the habitats, food etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with re-watches, however they do not force our brain to actually think and try to remember.

This is where we come in. In our game we ask what do zebras eat and now your child needs to think for himself, which is in our opinion the most important thing about learning!

There are many scientific proofs that our memory works best when an action is repeated several times. This is both muscle memory and simple plain memory we all rely on every single day. By creating exciting visuals of animals and their lifestyles, the game helps children to make these visual connections and strengthen their neuron chains.

Are you convinced yet? Just try out yourself! Search for Joyful Animals on the AppStore and make up your mind.



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