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Duckie Deck apps!
In order to improve our applications and come up with new ideas we also monitor our colleagues’ activities and updates. If we find great apps we will always share them with you on the second Monday of the month. Today’s pick is Duckie Deck games, which provide valuable life lessons in each games. Their games include Duckie Deck Teeth, Duckie Deck Trash Toys, Duckie Deck Sandwich and many more!
We firmly believe that in the age of technology, you can have so much more resources at the tap of your finger and so does your child. Imagine not having to remind your toddler to brush his/her teeth every time, but rather he/she can remember that by enjoying themselves with a colorful game. Of course, the most important thing is to not use a tablet as a distraction for your child and let him/her play on it uncontrollably. Each time have a chat with your kid and remind them about not spending too much time with gadgets and not clicking on anything without your permission. But of course, many app developers have foreseen these situations and offer a special Kids Mode that does not allow access to other apps.
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