Animal-loving kids, this is for you!

We all remember how when we were little, anything alive and moving sparked our interest immediately. Or maybe that’s just me. At any rate, from when I was a toddler I had been reading all about ants and koalas, and frogs, and watching movies about them, whining for animal toys, and boy I wish there was a game about animals at that time!
So, if your little one is all about animals and wildlife just like us, our app can help him/her take the first step into learning about animals. How does a zebra sound like? What does a polar bear eat? Where do ducks live? New knowledge, yet by the means of a game, what can be more enthusing?
Joyful Animals will bring you fun and cool facts all in one app!
Search for us in the App store or just click on the link!вигляд

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