World of Joyful Animals

World of Joyful Animals

In a wonderful country, where the animals live, the sun is smiling friendly, trees are welcoming, the river is flowing…

Every morning they washed their faces with rain drops, and dried their faces with a rainbow, from which they got bright colors, wonderful mood and inspiration.

But one day rain has disappeared. And if there is no rain, the rainbow will not appear. All the animals got sad. What should they do? All joy has gone. Everything has become grey and colorless.

Joyful animals did not recognize each other. They all have become the same. :( And the bright world has become the saddest place ever!

All the animals gathered together to think what to do. They decided that only a child can save them. Because the child can see the world in colors, see it full of joy and happiness!

From now all animals are looking for a child, who can make their world wonderful, to give back each animal its color, to remind where it lives and what its name is. All the animals have been colorless for a long time. Thus they have forgotten who they are.
They hope to find a little artist to color, who will be able to color all the animals and help them to get their colors back and make their lives full of colors again!